The pairing consists of the best combination between a wine and the food that gives the most pleasure to the palate.

Enjoy our exquisite collection of wines


We advise you which wine is best for each of our gastronomic products, as well as which bite is best for each wine.

We select our wines from the best wineries, offering our clients an excellent experience pairing with our tapas, pinchos, snacks, sandwiches, portions, cheese and meats and sausages.

Among our range of wines, we offer you:


Red wines with different aging times

The color of young red wines is usually characterized by a more or less intense purplish red, and as they age in the barrel it turns purple, ruby-colored.

White and rosé wines of different grapes and shades

They are still, delicate wines, served at the right temperature, you have to savor them, without rushing.

Soft sparkling wines, choose the one you like the most

Sparkling wines are also soft and delicate, unlike white wines, sparkling wines have a different touch and can be heard.

Selection of national and international artisan vermouths

Vermouth is a drink in which sweet and bitter flavors are mixed. Different types of fruits, spices, herbs, etc are added. Each one of the combinations makes each type of vermouth provides us a different sensation on the palate.

The wines are served at their ideal temperature.

Everything is studied so that you can enjoy our gastronomic and oenological offer.

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